Financing the future of Mining

In a transformative move, AGF Charter Finance (AGF) and Pacific Finance Australia (PFA) merged in March 2023, heralding a new era of financial support and strategic guidance for the mining sector. With a shared vision and a commitment to driving industry growth, this merger signalled a significant step forward in bolstering the resources available to drilling companies navigating the complex financial terrain.

At the heart of the decision is the fact that drilling with its financial intricacies, demands a finance approach that is specialised as it is strategic.



“The industry’s niche status means that financial solutions must be tailored with precision ensuring that proposals are structures and presented to lenders in a manner that maximises the chances of success. With a hands-on approach and a wealth of experience in mentoring and supporting drilling start-ups, Marty brings a unique perspective to the table.” 

 – Joel Quartermaine, Director. 


Partner with the team that understands the Drilling landscape

This approach to financing is where this merger will bring its most significant value. A commitment to succession planning and ensuring the long-term welfare of clients is another force driving the merger with Marty Westvelt and AGF. Marty, a prominent figure in the drilling space for over three decades, recognised in PFA a kindred spirit, echoing AGF’s dedication to the drilling community.

By leveraging combined expertise, PFA aims to address the financial challenges unique to the drilling industry, from securing capital for expansion to navigating volatile economic conditions. This partnership signifies a commitment to supporting industry growth and sustainability.

James Harrington, director of WA Water Bores, testifies to the solid partnership forged with Joel Quartermaine and his team at Pacific Finance, citing their profound understanding of the drilling industry and pivotal role in facilitating growth.

Carly Ascott, director of Western Air, highlights the tireless efforts of the Pacific Team in securing the right asset finance, thereby enabling clients to swiftly acquire essential equipment for their operations.

Tim Edwards, PFA director, along with his Finance Associate, Mitchell Zach, have recently assisted a drilling startup in the industry. “Tim and Mitch of Pacific Finance truly stood out in their service to GRM Drilling,” commends Mathew Jouneaux, director of GRM Drilling, emphasising their personalised approach and unwavering commitment to acting in their best interest.