Interest Rates Highlights – May 2022


The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has lifted the national borrowing rate for the first time since 2010, by a whopping 0.35 per cent, in response to the growing inflation levels.

Invoice Finance – A quick boost to your cash flow

invoice finance

Invoice finance allows you to grow the business you want with a quick boost to your cash flow Being in control of your business’s cash flow can be challenging. For instance, not having enough money in the business account each day to pay wages, suppliers, rent and any other financial commitments can be a stressful […]

How a Broker can help your business

With numerous amounts of finance options offered through multiple lenders across Australia, it can be a challenging exercise to find the best fit for your business. This poses several questions for hopeful small business borrowers, especially those who are time-poor (and who isn’t?): What kind of loan product do I need? How much can I […]

How to use the Instant Asset Write Off Scheme in 2021

What is the Instant Asset Write Off (IAWO) Scheme? The IAWO Scheme enables businesses to write off the entire amount of an asset, thus allowing businesses to claim an immediate deduction in the same financial year that the assets were purchased. Several changes have been made to the scheme since its inception in 2011. Changes […]

EOFY Checklist

Are you prepared for the EOFY deadlines? With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we’ve made a list of tasks to help keep you and your business prepared. EOFY Checklist  1.Take advantage of the instant asset write-offs (IAWO) Make sure to speak to your Broker regarding the extended instant asset write-offs and take […]

The skyrocketing pre-owned equipment market

TFE Scheme

Many businesses are turning to pre-owned equipment, driving increased competition and a surge in prices. One of the pandemic’s ongoing effects is the shortage of new machinery and business equipment available for purchase in Australia. This has caused disruption in many industries including agriculture, construction, earthmoving and manufacturing. Lingering effects of the pandemic on supply […]

Insurance Premium Funding – A Solution for SMEs

If you’re self-employed, you know the hassle and stress of paying your annual premiums for your business in one hit. You can avoid the stress of having to pay a large lump sum with our Insurance Premium Funding (IPF)solutions. Pacific Finance Australia can help you secure the necessary funds needed to cover these annual premiums, so […]

Small business loans can mean big profits for your business

Small business loans can mean big profits for your business There’s a common misconception that business loans should only be used when and if cash flow becomes an issue, however even a profitable companies can benefit from acquiring business loans. Here’s why you should consider a business loan as an attractive finance option, and how […]

The RBA’s 4 Pandemic-Response Policies: Did they work?

RBA’s Monetary Policy in this cycle Since the start of COVID-19, the RBA’s helped the economy in a number of ways. Initially they provided ‘liquidity’ to the banking system and financial markets (to make sure there was enough money splashing around to pay the bills). They also acted to reduce financial market volatility. Both policies […]