Insurance Premium Funding – A Solution for SMEs

If you’re self-employed, you know the hassle and stress of paying your annual premiums for your business in one hit. You can avoid the stress of having to pay a large lump sum with our Insurance Premium Funding (IPF)solutions. Our flexible repayment options allow better use of your working capital.

How does Insurance Premium Funding (IPF) work?

Pacific Finance Australia has access to a wide panel of lenders that you can choose from. The lender pays the premiums on your behalf, allowing you to pay the lender back in monthly instalments. By securing finance to pay off these upfront costs, you can spread the cost of your premium over the year. Help your business grow in the long run by taking advantage of our IPF solutions.

Benefits of Insurance Premium Funding:

  • No hefty lump sums
    You can now pay the lender smaller and more manageable monthly repayments with fixed interest rates. As a result of this, budgeting and cash flow forecasting become much easier.
  • Be in control of your cash flow
    You can inject extra funds into other vital assets for your business because you won’t be paying the premiums upfront.
  • Flexibility with your finances
    With access to multiple funding solutions and repayment structures, we can help you find the right fit for your unique financial requirements. Your repayments can be structured to fall within your revenue cycles if the revenue of your business is seasonal. You may also be able to lock in the interest rate, allowing you to focus on your business without any unforeseen changes.
  • Tax benefits
    Any establishment fees, interest rates and/or other costs you may incur for funding your insurance premiums will be tax-deductible.
  • Simplify your accounting
    You can also consolidate multiple insurance premiums under a single loan, resulting in a single monthly payment.

What you can expect with a Pacific Finance Broker

  • Access to one of Australia’s largest panel of lenders, including all the major banks as well boutique financiers.
  • The markets’ most competitive interest rates combined with multiple repayment options to suit your cash flow needs.
  • Cost-effective and flexible loan options that are specifically tailored for you.
  • No additional security requirements for the loan.
  • Finance Specialists that are experienced in helping businesses grow through both short-term and long-term business finance solutions.

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