Power Your Business’s Growth With Our Working Capital Solutions

Invoice Finance - Westfill

Power Your Business’s Growth With Our Working Capital Solutions

Invoice financing enables accelerated business growth by providing access to working capital. Financing your invoices can support your business in bridging the working capital gap that arises from cash being tied up in unpaid customer invoices. The team at Pacific Finance can help you secure the necessary funds so that your business cash flow remains intact, while at the same time facilitating growth.


How does Invoice Finance work?

We have access to a range of financiers that specialise in Invoice Financing, which can also be known as Debtor Finance. Invoice Financing acts as a revolving line of credit, ensuring that every time your business raises an invoice, you receive up to 85% of the invoice within 24 hours. When your customer pays the invoice, the funds will go to the lender, and you will receive the remaining 15%, less interest and fees from the lender.


How our clients are benefiting from Invoice Finance

“Westfill recently secured invoice finance through the Pacific Finance team, which has enabled us to continue our growth trajectory with a level of certainty around cash flow. We are pleased to have access to the funds as it gives us the ability to complete major machinery rebuilds whilst continuing to grow in all other areas of the business.” 
– Ashley Morcombe, Director and Co-Founder of Westfill

Invoice Finance - Westfill

Pictured above are Ashley Morcombe and Mark Griffiths – Directors of Westfill, with Pacific Finance Director – Joel Quartermaine. Westfill have recently moved into their fit-for-purpose 4,000 sqm facility as part of their ongoing growth strategy.

Benefits of Invoice Financing

    Unlock your business’s growth potential – The finance limit grows with your business as the loan is tied to the value and quality of your invoices.
    Your business’s invoices are used as collateral, thus minimising the risk involved with tying up personal assets.
    Day-to-day financial commitments become manageable as invoices are generally paid within 24 hours of being raised.

Invoice Financing requirements

  • ATO statements
  • Profit and loss balance sheets
  • Receivables and payables report
  • Full financial statements
  • List of existing business loans
  • Personal assets and liabilities of the Directors
  • Receivables and payables ledger


Grow the business you want with our invoice financing options 

Our Finance Partners can help with either short or long-term business finance solutions which can be tailored to your revenue cycles. Let us help you give your business the most suitable working capital solution, to assist in future growth.

Contact your Pacific Finance Partner via  info@pacificfinance.com.au or simply click here