Benefits of Partnering with a Pacific Finance Broker

Pacific Finance Brokers

Benefits of Partnering with a Pacific Finance Broker 

With numerous amounts of finance options offered through multiple lenders across Australia, it can be a challenging exercise to find the best fit for your business.

This poses several questions for hopeful small business borrowers, especially those who are time-poor (and who isn’t?):

  • What kind of loan product do I need?
  • How much can I afford to borrow and repay?
  • Where can I get the best interest rate and other conditions?
  • How can I compare the available loans?
  • What does all the technical jargon mean?


As a business owner, it can be tempting to seek shortcuts to find your best-fit financial loan. The internet offers you an overwhelming range of options, but it can be tricky to work out the right solution to suit your business needs.

This is where Pacific Finance comes in.

“We have first-hand insight into running SMEs, being in the trenches ourselves operating our own business. We understand the challenges that arise, and the importance of succession planning, and progression along a growth trajectory.”
Message from the Pacific Finance Board


How can your Pacific Finance Broker help you?

Pacific Finance brokers:

  • Have a detailed knowledge of the loan market
  • Are independent and not tied to any particular lender
  • Can assess your financial situation and needs, and find suitable loan products with competitive interest rates
  • Explain any financial and legal terms in the documentation
  • Assist throughout the loan application and settlement process
  • Provide ongoing support during the life of the loan


Our brokers act for the borrower, not the lender. Our broker-client relationships transcend through generations – we’ve become life-long business partners for our clients. We’re more than finance brokers, we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ firms and are heavily invested in their business journey.


What to do before meeting your Pacific Finance Broker

It is a good idea to do some preparation before your first meeting with your broker, in order to get the best results from this session. You should be able to explain clearly what your business does, how it is structured, and who your main competitors are.

Think about your business goals and targets, opportunities, and risks, so that you can communicate these clearly. Be prepared to outline the purpose of the funds you hope to borrow – that is, provide details of how you will use the cash to help your business prosper.


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