Automation vs Innovation: The Future of Finance

We’re sorry – were you expecting an obvious headline like:Banks vs Brokers: Who should you chose?

Yawn! At Pacific Finance, we see it a different way – we think that in an ever-changing world, the innovators will be the big winners, leaving automation in their wake. So when looking at your financial needs and what is the best option for you, it’s quite clear that innovation will be your best approach.

Automation – just another number

Banks are transactional. They deal with millions of clients, meaning their processes need to be highly automated. While it can be comforting knowing you can easily slip into their system with little fuss, the downside is that you become just another number.

Innovation – personalised finance

With the current economic environment being so tough, we are all working harder to build our businesses and make them sustainable. That’s where innovative finance brokers can help – they have access to dozens of different loan products, some which the banks cannot offer and they’re willing to go the extra mile, using the latest online tools to monitor current and future trends. With their insights, you could find that your loan could be more personalised and customised to your business’ needs.

At Pacific Finance, we constantly analyse loan trends for SME’s to large corporate companies in different industries – creating profiles that innovatively tailor our lending solutions to make them the most relevant and competitive in market.

Time to reassess your finances?

With interest rates currently at extreme lows, now is the perfect opportunity to sense-check your current position and ensure you are maximising the best tools and offers in the market. Whether you’re looking to upgrade equipment, expand your fleet or manage your cash-flow, now is the time to contact your trusted Pacific Finance broker to receive an OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE.