Close call for WA surfers

When you think of Pacific Finance Australia, you associate us with your financial needs. However, Pacific Finance Australia is also a proud supporter of Mick Corbett, son of founding Director Phil Corbett. Mick, a well-known world-wide big wave surfer from Perth, travelled to Europe with his mates in search of 100 foot monster waves and went through surfing hell which could have cost them their lives. Mick had to swoop in on a jet-ski to help surfing buddy Zac Haynes-Love. Watch the video captured by 9 News to see how Mick and Zac tackled these monster waves.


Mick Corbett is a successful big wave surfer and also a team rider for Volte – founded by Phil Corbett. Volte is a wet suit designer that combines science, technology and design to bring you the best Australia has to offer.