Cut Your Electricity Bill This Summer!

Installing a solar system will reduce your business monthly outgoing electricity costs – after financing costs are taken into account*. Improve your cash flow by amortizing the costs of the system. After paying off the system, your saving will increase even more.

Electricity prices have doubled in the last 10 years in Australia. With skyrocketing power bills, cut down this summer by making the switch to solar energy. Australia receives the highest average solar radiation per square meter than any other continent in the world. This makes the country extremely suitable for solar power.

Yes, the initial investment may seem large, but with the right financing you will yield the long term benefit – low operating costs. Pacific Finance can help you with any loan amount over $10,000 for qualifying energy assets –

  •  Solar PV systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage optimization
  • Building management systems
  • Battery storage
  • Gas engines
  • Metering and metering infrastructure



Whether your business needs allow you to rent or own solar panels, we can help you with your financial needs by tailoring the finances to suit individual clients. Pacific Finance can help by –

  • Avoiding upfront costs by spreading the costs over regular monthly instalments
  • Allowing you to budget efficiently by have fixed repayments over the contract term
  • Bundling finance by allowing you to finance costs such as fees for installing and network connection costs in addition to equipment costs
  • Designing a unique solution specific to you using a collaborative approach for the best results
  • Don’t have a trusted supplier? We can give you a list of selected suppliers that we have worked with

When your business installs a grid connect solar power system, you are able to obtain significant savings through Australia’s solar credit discount, which offers a refund upfront. Under the program, any small business with an annual turnover of less than $2 million is eligible for a $6,500 tax break which includes solar power systems.

Want to finance solar panels for your home?

Pacific Finance can help with that too! Call one of our brokers today on 08 9321 2120.

*Terms and conditions apply. Depending upon specification and finance period.