Dealer Finance vs. Finance Brokers

Did you know that securing finance through a dealer could increase the price of your new equipment?

Often the dealer will offer you interest rates that are extremely low and sometimes even 0%. As with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it often is. To gain access to the extremely low finance rate, you will need to pay the full recommended retail price for the equipment. This reduces your ability to get a discount on the equipment. It is always a good idea to separate the equipment purchase from the financing of the equipment. There is where Pacific Finance comes in.

At Pacific Finance Australia, we have access to over 30 lenders and financiers Australia-wide. We shop around our wide panel of lenders and negotiate on your behalf to find a loan option to suit your unique financial circumstances.

Securing dealer finance could – 

  • Take away your ability to negotiate on the purchase price
  • Limit your finance options to just a single lender
  • Only apply to brand new equipment
  • Involve balloon payments which are large and can be hard to budget for
  • Mean you have to have a good credit score to even be eligible
  • Lack flexibility and may be much more expensive than you originally thought

What you can expect with us as your Broker – 

  • A range of competitive rates
  • Access to primary and boutique lenders
  • Loans available for both new and used equipment
  • Loans available for refinancing equipment you already own
  • Low doc loans – hassle free finance options that you can secure in a timely manner
  • Finance for private sales and novated leases
  • Different loan options – chattel mortgage, commercial hire and asset lease

Our ultimate goal is to get you the best rate when it comes to financing your equipment, so you can focus on growing your company. 

Contact your Pacific Finance Australia Broker today on 08 9321 2120 or send us an email at for more information.