Already dreaming about your next holiday?

dreaming about holiday

Have you just returned to work and already suffering from vacation withdrawal?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Taking a break from work is always exciting and good for the soul.

Did you know that by using the equity in your home, you can finance your next holiday at home loan rates? With rates from only 3.59%* Pacific Finance Australia can help you embark on your next journey!

By booking early, you can take advantage of the current hot deals! It’s the best time to plan your next adventure as the current airline fare deals are unbeatable!

So why not plan your next dream trip now?

At Pacific Finance Australia, we can help you get to your exotic destination in record time! Topping up your current home loan can help you secure the extra funds needed to make this dream trip a reality.

Why use your mortgage to finance your next holiday?

It can be an efficient way to access money. With a mortgage top-up, you will be paying a much lower interest rate than your credit card. Furthermore, we can review your mortgage as a whole. You may be able to save money by switching to a cheaper rate, while at the same time accessing the extra funds for your next holiday or for that matter, any other worthwhile purpose.

So what’s stopping you? 

Give yourself something to look forward to! For more information, please contact your Pacific Finance Australia Broker on 08 9321 2120 or send us an email via

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*Approval of the loan is dependent on proof of holiday, which must be provided by the travel agent. Please speak to your Pacific Finance Australia Broker for a full list of terms and conditions.