Energy efficient equipment finance

Is it time to reassess your finances? 

Upgrading your vehicle or equipment to the latest innovations in the market  can not only bring you savings in energy consumption, but can reduce your operating costs as well.

Be finance and energy efficient. 

Pacific Finance Australia can now offer you a 0.70% discount when you secure finance for any vehicle that qualifies as energy efficient equipment for your business purposes. Finance is available for qualifying equipment above $20,000.

Energy efficient equipment finance is a cost-effective funding solutions that is specifically designed to help your business grow. Whether you are upgrading your current vehicle or investing in new machinery, think efficiently.

Find a loan that suits you. 

By getting a pre-approval, we can negotiate the best price on the equipment costs for you. At Pacific Finance Australia, we offer different types of loans to suit your unique circumstances:

  • Chattel mortgage
  • Hire purchase
  • Finance lease

What energy efficient equipment qualifies? 

  • Electric / hybrid cars, buses and trucks
  • Most European cars
  • Electric / hybrid engine machinery
  • Agricultural machinery demonstrating efficiency gains

Contact your Pacific Finance Australia Broker today on 08 9321 2120 or via email to see if your equipment / vehicle qualifies for the discount and for the full list of qualifying vehicles.