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As a business owner, you understand how crucial it is to stay current in this increasingly challenging economic environment. Having a competitive advantage over other companies is key to becoming an industry leader.

Case Study – Furnace Solutions

Meet Ben Burchill, Managing Director at Furnance Solutions. Furnace Solutions is a specialist furnace, kiln and process vessel refractory removal company in Australia. They have more than 20 years’ experience in the mineral processing maintenance industry. Ben’s aim is to make Furnace Solutions the global leader in furnace refractory removals, demolition and tear out.

Becoming an industry leader.

In 2017, Furnace Solutions purchased an Eco-Plant Descale Arm imported from Eco Plant Descale in Ireland. It is the first of its kind in Australia. This gives them a competitive advantage over other companies in their industry. Historically, this kind of demolition had to be processed manually.

Furnace Solutions is able to expand their service offering to provide a remote-controlled demolition within vertical process vessels with this purchase. They are now able to offer an innovative solution that delivers safer, more efficient and cost-effective services than was previously accessible.

Access the best equipment worldwide.

Joel Quartermaine of Pacific Finance Australia helped Furnace Solutions obtain this specialist remote demolition robot. Joel helped facilitate funding to get the machinery to Australia, as well as the ongoing funding once the machinery arrived in Australia. With access to the right financial solutions, you too can become an industry leader.

“Pacific Finance ensures purchasing new equipment to expand our business is simple. Their efficient and professional service allows me to focus on my business rather than the maze of finance. I would highly recommend Pacific Finance Australia to any business owner.”

– Ben Burchill, Managing Director at Furnace Solutions

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