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Case Study:

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Managing Director at Premium Plant Hire (PPH), Russell Wells was interested in purchasing service trucks at auction. Pacific Finance Australia’s Joel Quartermaine was able to put pre-approved limit facilities in place for Russell meaning when auction time came, Russell was able to bid with confidence and secure the trucks at good prices.

By acquiring these trucks, Russell was able to grow his fleet without denting his company’s cashflow. He immediately put these trucks to work, which in turn generated income for PPH.

Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business and Pacific Finance Australia has access to a variety of finance options to help your business grow just like Russell’s.

The perfect partnership

Originally PPH had a lot of different equipment including dump trucks, graders, bulldozers, etc. however, recently the focus has been on service trucks only. This focus has allowed the business to become a niche and specialised provider of service trucks. Giving even greater service at a better price!

Premium Plant Hire would recommend Pacific Finance Australia to others who are interested in a long term business relationship.

The Brokers at Pacific Finance Australia take the necessary time to understand your unique business. They can get you the best finance products the market has to offer and the most desirable outcomes moving forward.

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Diversity is key

Russell and Joel have had a business relationship for over three years now. Prior to Russell partnering with Pacific Finance Australia, he had a relationship with only one lender. By partnering with Pacific Finance Australia, you will have access to our wide panel of over 30 lenders – ranging from top tier lenders to boutique lenders. Joel was able to diversify Russell’s lending options, separate security and bring bargaining power to him and his company.

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