What is Insurance Premium Funding?

Insurance Premiums

If made as a lump sum payment, your annual business insurance premiums can make a real impact on that month’s cash flow. As you know it is important to have enough funds in the bank account on a day-to-day basis when you are trying to run and grow your business. Avoid the stress of having to pay a large lump sum insurance premium with our (IPF) Insurance premium funding solutions.

Securing finance for your insurances allows you to pay off smaller monthly instalments. This, in turn, does not impact your business’ cash flow. It is not only easier to manage, but it may help you grow your business in the long run too.

Impacts of insurance premium funding:

There are several ways in this finance solution helps your business.
Insurance Premium Funding –

  • helps to consolidate multiple insurance premiums under one loan
  • allows you to free up cash flow
  • allows you to  invest funds in other vital parts of your business
  • has potential tax benefits as interest charged may be tax deductible

What you can expect with us as your Broker:

  • competitive interest rates, as we have a wide panel of over 30 financiers Australia-wide
  • cost-effective and flexible loan options specially tailored to suit your business’ unique needs
  • multiple repayment options available based on your financial situation
  • no security requirements for the loan

Spread the cost of large annual payments into smaller monthly repayments. Contact your Pacific Finance Australia Broker on 08 9321 2120, or send us an email – info@pacificfinance.com.au. It is not too late to make a change to your business processes to free up your cash flow. This can help you take your business to where it needs to be.

Other cash flow solutions

We specialise in various financial solutions to boost your business’ cash flow. Whether you are looking for a short-term or a long-term solution, we offer a wide range of business loans. These finance solutions can put the funds you need into your business account quickly and seamlessly. View our eBook on Business Cash Flow Solutions for more information on all the services available to you.