The Finance Review

Does saving tens of thousands of dollars sound inviting?

By simply restructuring and reviewing your finances, Pacific Finance Australia can help you do just that.

A Royal Commission is a process that conjures up images of endless paperwork and time. Money, lawyers, cross examinations and on it goes, but almost always the result is recommendations and an action plan to fix something that was broken. Conducting finance reviews is a little bit like this. That may not sound very inviting. In fact it sounds dry and tedious. However, saving tens of thousands of dollar should sound attractive.

This year when you are reflecting on your business’ performance, looking at your budget to actuals and making plans for the coming year, ask yourself, “when was the last time you had a Royal Commission into your finance provider?”

This takes time and effort you say?

In a limited way perhaps. However it’s all about reward for effort and return on investment. Just last month I had a client who although didn’t have a very large mortgage, was able to save approximately $10,000 from conducting a review. Another client had a debt facility and a large fluctuating cash deposit – I proposed a $26,500 annual saving through a restructure.

Having a specialist Finance Broker (the Royal Commission), go over your finances every now and then can improve your overall structuring and reduce pricing therefore making you money!

When will you do your next finance review?

Andrew Stewart is a Finance Broker with Pacific Finance Australia. Contact Andrew on  0427 775 735 or via email and get your business baking review today!